5 free tools that will make every Web Designer’s job easier

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Are you starting work on a new project? Great! Here are 5 free tools that will help you create something amazing.

1. Coolors

Extremely convenient tool designed for creating, saving and sharing your own palette of colours. Let the numbers prove how popular this tool is: over 70K users, as many as 200K palettes of colours and 30K of downloads of mobile application available for Android and iOS systems.



2. Frontify

One of the best tools for creating style guides and application prototyping. Frontify also has the function of real time collaboration, which is perfect for team work.



3. Google Fonts

A new version of browser for fonts available with Google Fonts. The collection is already as big as 800 high quality free families, including such gems as: Lato, Roboto, PT Sans, or Playfair Display. Does anyone still remember the times when we only had a few boring system fonts to choose from?



4. TypeScale

Everyone knows how important proportions in design are. TypeScale is a tool that will help you achieve good typography on your website.



5. Unsplash

Are you looking for free pictures in good resolution that you can use without concern also for commercial purposes? Unsplash is a place I always start my search with. It is a collection of selected photographs that is often updated and that you can use however you like.

P.S. It is also worth visiting Made with Unsplash website, showing examples of different uses of the collection pictures. Some of them are really impressive.

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