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Read the history of the company that has turned from a team of a few persons to a big enterprise carrying out biggest world projects.

Lethe is a technological & clothing company established by the young Polish entrepreneur Jakub Chmielniak in 2011. The aim of Lethe has always been to bring joy to people around the world by designing and manufacturing all-over printed clothes under the brand name Mr. Gugu & Miss Go. To Mr. Gugu joined other print brands: acquired Aloha From Deer, as well as Bittersweet Paris and the latest Urban Patrol. In 2014, Lethe launched a platform for arists called Live Heroes. Following that, in 2015, Carpatree, sports brand, started to support fitness passionates around the world.

What makes Lethe stand out among other companies from the technological industry? First of all – professionalism, consistence, the fulfilment of targets and the diversity of business projects. The proper development of the company and its brands is supervised by Jakub Chmielniak – the originator and founder of Lethe. However, the success of the company is mainly the sum of talent and commitment of many of its employees, thanks to whom Lethe can lead further world expansion.

In 2016 Lethe opened its first international branch in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Asia is a continent of huge possibilities, a fascinating and varied place and a source of incredible inspirations. This experience let Lethe take the wind in her sails and develop further projects, including those beyond the clothing industry.

In 2019, another office was opened in Katowice, where new projects are being prepared, which Lethe intends to surprise clients around the world. In addition to the clothing industry, projects include among others lifestyle like house plants with Plants and Pots and the book market with publishing house called Animi2. Many others are in preparation. Lethe is currently carrying out several clothing, lifestyle and technology projects.

Responsible business


Lethe is not only colour clothes. It is also corporate social responsibility, which manifests itself in four areas: people, production, communication and natural environment. It is the care that the company takes of its own community, at the same time being uncompromisingly convinced of its strength and global expansion possibilities. Lethe is also intelligent innovation: among many projects being implemented by the company, we will find attempts to introduce new quality into traditional branches of industry by proposing new solutions: whether in production, advertising, sales or the fashion industry.


The foundations of each company are its people. We invest in talent and develop competences of our employees, intending to create a friendly and sustainable work environment for them.


We always put passion and heart into our projects. Our products leave warehouses only when we are already sure that we would like to buy them ourselves.


We rely on mutual respect and trust in our contacts. We follow transparent, clear and simple principles. We are transparent and always engage in dialogue on any topic.

Natural environment

Our planet deserves what is the best, so we invest in and support any activities preventing the degradation of the natural environment as a responsible company.


We are ready for any challenges. These are the milestones that we want to achieve in the next few years.

Promotion of responsible business

Apart from Mr. Gugu, Live Heroes, Carpatree, No Attack, Autodawcy and Artlethe, we want to promote more products and services connected with business responsibility, particularly the prevention of wage dumping.

Broadening horizons

We want to create new projects that go beyond the fashion and e-sales industries that are well known to us, focusing mainly on financial services, services supporting global entrepreneurship and virtual reality.

Making the world a better place

We also want to make our own contribution to the addressing of global problems, such as hunger, social inequalities and the lack of access to education.


We plan to undertake diverse educational activities as the Humanism for the Republic foundation; we want to promote the idea of society open to discussion and referring to the literary and philosophical heritage of past centuries.