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After months of work on new clothes forms, graphics available on clothes, hundreds of material and finished product tests, hours of work on the brand’s philosophy and its final shape, on-line shop has been opened. More universal forms like leggings or tanktops are also great for active people who value comfort and quality. If[…]

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The idea of launching Live Heroes as a platform for artists came up in 2014 and was brought into life at the beginning of 2015. We are a European platform offering original apparel and so far we’ve gathered over 2 thousand amazing artists from all over the globe. Everyone on Live Heroes can start an[…]

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Mr. Gugu & Miss Go is more than a clothes brand. We do not care about temporary popularity, and our clothes do not decorate the shop windows of biggest chain shops. They could, but this is not what we mean. Mr. Gugu & Miss Go is a dressing style that is also a lifestyle. It[…]

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