Handmade all-natural beauty products

Name: Achae

Type: Beauty Products


Achae is a world of handmade all-natural beauty products. All of our cosmetics are natural and fresh, with intense aroma. Achae never tests on animals, never uses chemical substances, never uses synthetic oils or fragrances. Our cosmetics are only made of the finest natural components. Every single product is handmade with care to guarantee the highest quality.

We love nature. We would like to live in harmony with natural environenment. Achae does whatever is possible not to harm. Neither of our products nor components have ever been tested on animals. Join us, enter ACHAE world. Try nature.



Achae believes that all we need comes from nature. It has a great power of healing and regenerating. Why shouldn't we take advantage of these? Achae decided to take the best that nature has to offer and create a new brand of cosmetics. We love nature, we derive from nature, we are nature.



Achae cosmetics are handmade with care in small batches, and free from chemical substances, thus our clients get products of the highest quality. Additionally, we decided to housed our products in hand-decorated glass jars.



The best comes from nature. Both our customers and partners share the brand philosophy. Achae cosmetics are available in our online store as well as the renowned drugstores and beauty salons in Poland. We are still widening the range of beauty products to meet the expectations.