Orient yourself on what is worth doing

Name: Animi2
Type: E-commerce


Animi2 is a publishing house that wants to introduce a new breath to the Polish publishing market, while emphasizing the perception’s subjectivity of reality and its dualism.

Animi is the plural of the Latin animus noun belonging to the family of Indo-European words that originally means “wind,” “breath,” or “breath.” The number “2” refers to the concept of double instincts of human nature.



Animi2's mission is to offer readers content that is valuable food for the imagination, broadening knowledge and enriching experience in the areas of intellectual development and the art of management and everyday life. Animi offers ambitious literature that forces reader to think and undermine existing knowledge, while in everyday life supports efficiency and time management.



Books chosen by the creators of the publishing house are very often titles that have not yet premiered on the Polish market or items that undermine the adopted principles and opinions. Publishing books that force reader to ask questions, to broaden knowledge, is a way by which Animi2 wants to convince the reader to explore new areas or to question already discovered.



An interesting and original collection of literature that defines the nature of the Animi2 and immediately shows how Animi2 differs from most publications on the Polish market, and thus has a chance to be remembered and gain the recognition of readers.