Comprehensive service of clothes brands and not only

Name: ArtLethe

Type: Print & Manufacturing


ArtLethe is a comprehensive service of clothes brands: those that already exist, those that are only making their way onto the market, or even those that have only been born in our Customers’ heads. We carry out projects from beginning to end.

We offer sublimation printing, sewing room service, top-quality knitted fabric and woven cloth, photographic and computer artwork services, construction workshop, or clothes marking. Nothing is impossible for us.



For the last few years, we have created and developed leading clothes brands that are known worldwide from beginning to end. Having proven knowledge, experience and technological facilities at our disposal, we comprehensively offer help to others in the development of their ideas.



ArtLethe is a living organism that, thanks to its advanced technologies and know-how, handles complex production processes or even whole projects efficiently, maintaining effectiveness and high quality. We believe that simple and clear rules of co-operation make it easy to achieve intended goals, so our customers can control the progress of tasks entrusted to us at every stage of our co-operation.



Apart from the constant development of our own projects, we share our experience with others, engaging in unconventional projects and offering a broad range of possibilities that facilitate the implementation of even the wildest ideas. Our customers are, among others, Dell and Marvel.