Durable and fashionable clothes. Tailored to you.


Smart Growth Operational Programme 2014-2020

1.1. R&D work / 1.1.1. Industrial research and development work implemented by enterprises


Lethe Jakub Chmielniak

Eligible expenditure:

1 069 740,23 PLN

Funding received:

641 844,13 PLN

Project title:

Development of an innovative clothing platform that allows personalization of products and processing individual orders as part of mass production.

Project description: 

This project involves creation and validation of the prototype electronic clothing platform “Basiclo”, enabling both a fast cycle of creative design as well as a rapid cycle of production and distribution of products. The developed solution will be designed for commercial use directly in the beneficiary’s business. After implementation, the platform will be tailored to the individual needs of a carefully selected target group of customers, with particular focus on the production of high-quality tailor-made clothes. The planned solution fits in with current fashion and trade trends, and is a response to identified problems and needs on the clothing market.

Name: Basiclo

Type: E-commerce

Status: Coming soon

Plan: Dynamic development based on identification of a market niche.

Have you ever imagined easily accessible clothes that are durable, affordable, fashionable – and made to measure? You can’t get it all, they say, but we’re here to change it.

High quality basics from your daily tailor at your laptop delivered to your doorstep. Just put the numbers, pick the styles and see the magic. You won’t ever want to return to high street.

This project is currently under development. We’ll share more details soon.