Bittersweet Paris

Where creativity meets style!

Name: Bittersweet Paris
Type: E-commerce


We see BITTERSWEET PARIS as a clothing brand that tries to give streetwear fashion a completely new meaning and take it to the directions that were previously unknown. We’ve got many ideas that for now seem to be too ambitious but you can be sure that in the future, a lot will be heard about us.

We’ve founded BITTERSWEET PARIS with a very brave idea – we wanted to make the world around us more colorful and fun. We’ve found out, that the best way for us to do it is to give you the clothes you always wanted to wear but couldn’t find anywhere else. For now, BITTERSWEET PARIS specializes in vibrant, energetic and youthful clothes and accessories, perfect to rebel against the grey and uninteresting colors of the city streets.



Join our mission of bringing colours back to the streets! Become a part of Bittersweet community where everyone can find clothes of the highest quality. The variety of designs and cuts will let you pick the items which perfectly suit your soul. No limits!



Our community is an essential part of our development day by day. We're creating new designs and testing various cuts just for you! No matter if you prefer crazy or more subtle patterns, whether you're into pop culture or wildlife exploration, Bittersweet Paris is waiting for you. Join us!



Bittersweet Paris is not a temporary trend. Our clothes made of the highest quality fabrics and amazing prints are totally addicting! Bittersweet Paris stands for great fun and original look, it's just a lifestyle! It doesn't matter if you like to surprise with another unique design or if you prefer more basic clothes. Bittersweet Paris offers you everything and we try to improve every day to offer you an even larger and more interesting range of products.