Theft means theft to us

Name: Getcopycat

Type: Legal Consulting


Online copyright violation can be justified in hundreds of ways. However, nothing changes the fact that theft is theft. Even in the virtual world.

Getcopycat is a tool that helps to fight against copyright violation on the Internet. We represent mutual interests of our customers to bring about an immediate discontinuance of use of intellectual property stolen from them.



When we see someone stealing a bike, we are angry and react immediately. So, why, when we use the Internet a few minutes later, is there nothing wrong for us with the fact that someone uses unlawfully someone else’s photos or texts on their own website? We decided to change this.



Having the resources that make it possible to fight against copyright violation, we have created a simple tool that allows everyone to report violation cases immediately and to obtain compensation for the use of intellectual property without previous consent. Consequently, in order to fight for your rights, you only need to fill in a simple form, and we take care of the rest.



As an initiative fighting against a broad-scale problem, we undertake actions to combat copyright violation every day. Our customers receive also due compensation for damages caused as a result of the unlawful use of fruits of their work. Our actions make society aware of the fact that not everything is free of charge on the Internet.