Plants & Pots

Turn your home into a plant jungle

Name: Plants & Pots
Type: E-commerce


Plants & Pots is a modern brand that offers high-quality plants in beautiful pots. Naturally pleasing greenery not only improves the aesthetics of the rooms, but also guarantees a positive mood and unique atmosphere.

Vivid, green decorations look beautiful in the bedroom, bathroom, dining room or on the kitchen table. Creating a unique plant collection that matches the vibes of one’s home is extremely easy! Green design never goes out of fashion and is a must in interior design.



Buying plants, pots and plant care accessories is time consuming. In addition, caring for plants requires knowledge about them. Many people give up on having greenery in their home because of that. Maybe you are one of them yourself? Plants & Pots was created for everyone who wants to enjoy plants without wasting valuable time on completing the entire plant care set.



At Plants & Pots we decided to maximally simplify the process of buying plants online. Our specialists transplant the plant into a selected pot, carefully pack everything into a specially adapted box and the plant sets off to the new owner. The green set is ready to be placed in the selected spot immediately after opening the box and each customer also receives plant care instruction.



Indoor plant lovers' community is growing and Plants & Pots' offer perfectly meets their needs. Beautiful plants, high quality pots, safe shipping - all of this makes us unique. Buying plants online has never been so easy!