Rum & Coco

A brand and an international multibrand, all in one

Name: Rum & Coco

Type: E-commerce


We love fashion inspirations from all over the world. We like to look different. But first of all, we appreciate having a choice. That is why we have created Rum & Coco – an international multibrand for fashionistas.

Rum and Coco is a brand and multibrand, all in one. The store was designed for an international customer – original fashion brands in one place.



There are a few reasons which made us decide to create a new brand and multi-brand in one. At Lethe, we don’t only think about colourful and funky clothes but also about the people looking for inspirations from around the world. About those who like to look different. And those who value the possibility of choice like us. This is why, Rum & Coco was created.



Our priority is to make internet shopping simple and pleasant. For better reception, the shop’s website is characterized by light, pastel colours. In addition, transparent and clear categories help find the desired item best suited to the client’s style.



Following the project’s successful start-up, the Rum & Coco brand is gaining strength whilst the multi-brand range keeps expanding. Attractive prices, wide selection, safe payment methods and quick delivery makes the shop no. 1 in its category.