Silky Mood

We create a true beauty

Name: Silky Mood
Type: E-commerce


A brand that emphasizes classic elegance in a modern edition. Silky Mood focuses on proven and eternally current solutions:classic, subdued elegance that works great in an urban environment. High quality fabrics and a perfect finish.

Thanks to these clothes, their owners will feel confident and ready to face the challenges. It is known for a long time that clothing can add confidence, and this in business and in everyday life is essential.



The Silky Mood brand was created for strong, independent women who want to achieve success and constantly fight the challenges of everyday life. Our goal was to create clothing that combines elegance and meets the requirements of modern women. Silky Mood's mission is to show in all its glory feminine strength and confidence.



When we’re creating Silky Mood clothes, we focus our attention on our clients. With them in mind we design and sew clothes from unique, precisely selected, highest quality fabrics. We reach for the most exclusive materials, such as silk or merino wool. We are building a brand that combines elegance, good taste and amazing ease of use, which is emphasized by the cuts and workmanship. Silky Mood clothes are timeless, universal models that don’t differ from the world standards of the fashion world. Following the style and growing requirements of our clients, we are constantly improving our best models, adapting materials to a specific season and trends.



Silky Mood quickly became a strong polish clothing brand that supports women of the 21st century. Our brand is recognizable among successful women and valued by celebrities such as Małgorzata Rozenek and Klaudia Halejcio. Due to the highest quality of Silky Mood products, we definitely stand out in the formal clothing segment, which perfectly harmonizes with casual style.