Sock Shock

Shocking Masters

Name: Sock Shock
Type: E-commerce


Sock Shock was created for all those who like to play with color and stand out from others. Every day, the Sock Shock team strives to surprise you with new designs and patterns!

The most important aspects of good socks’ design, are quality and details. That is why cotton socks are made of the best quality cotton on the market, and polyester socks are characterized by attention to details during full-print printing.



The Sock Shock brand was created for those who like strong and colorful accessories in their outfits. Looking at the city streets, we were fed up with a gray-boredom and basic looks , which is the reason why we decided to create a brand that will allow anyone to liven up their everyday outfit in a simple and subtle way.



To find the best way of showing the spontaneous character of the brand, we've created branding with strong colors and subdued fonts that match well together. As a whole the branding is used on the online shop, which is created for easy navigation around the products.



Our main goal when creating the brand was to find a diversity in designs. We wanted everyone to find socks specially dedicated to themselves, their passion and their personality. Every day we try our best to improve the design and to find the best methods of producing the socks so everyone can find something what they would love to wear.