Who's behind Lethe's success?

It is the result of commitment of specialists team from around the world and its CEO, Jakub Chmielniak

Jakub Chmielniak

Meet our CEO, thanks to him Lethe is able to make the biggest projects come alive.



His name is Jakub Chmielniak. He created Mr. Gugu & Miss Go. He also launched several other brands and startups. Join him and create wonderful things together!

Jakub Chmielniak is a young Polish entrepreneur, who proved over a very short period of time that all you need to achieve global success is passion, commitment, and perseverance. He created such brands and projects as Mr. Gugu & Miss Go, Live Heroes, or Carpatree, he doesn’t rest on his laurels and he is planning to surprise the market over the next few years with more innovative ideas – not only on clothes, but also on technological innovations, business social responsibility, environmental care, and levelling social inequalities.
In Polish and foreign media, he is portrayed as an artistic soul, a man whose clothes are worn by hipsters all over the world and, at the same time, as an efficient businessman, who wants to make his dreams come true by helping young people to achieve their goals.

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