How are some of the most interesting clothes in the world made?

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It is hard to imagine a clothing company without a robust production department.

This is where the magic begins. Starting from the pattern room, where constructors design the most fanciful forms, sometimes using half a day to move one pocket or a seam to finally achieve the desired effect. Through pre-press, where templates are created and visualisation. Here, every pixel matters. Our graphic designers put a lot effort and reveal to us the deepest nooks of graphic programs, to match an artist’s design with the pattern. From there we go to the preparation stage. Cutters, flooded with tons of different materials cut the tiniest elements of our clothes with surgical precision.

The next stage is printing. A team of printers work every day to squeeze the last drops of ink from plotters to ensure the best quality of print. It is a matter of a few clicks for cyan, magenta, yellow, or black to turn into a rainbow of colours that press operators will later transfer onto material under high pressure and temperature. Finally, last but not least is the sewing room. Our seamstresses work with utmost care to select the right thread colours, match different elements together to finally, after all the hard work, create a unique product, prepared to the finest detail.

We use the most modern machines and technological solutions to provide the best quality for you. However, the company is not created by machines, but by people. It is their commitment and ingenuity, as well as our bosses’ efficient management that create a tuned team, able to handle every challenge, no matter how difficult it may seem.

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