Three things about Mr. Gugu & Miss Go

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Mr. Gugu & Miss Go is more than a clothes brand. We do not care about temporary popularity, and our clothes do not decorate the shop windows of biggest chain shops. They could, but this is not what we mean. Mr. Gugu & Miss Go is a dressing style that is also a lifestyle. It is a way to stand out and colour your own environment. Get an inside look at how our brand works:

1. Manifesto
The idea behind our brand is breaking the mould and changing the patterns in the world of fashion. We want to give all our customers around the world the ability to express their personality through clothing. We strive to make the world a more vibrant place, full of crazy colours and patterns.

2. The way we do it
Mr. Gugu & Miss Go is a clothing brand established in Bielsko-Biała, Poland in 2011. Through its original clothing, the brand has developed its own Gugu style, which has attracted countless followers asking for more and more creative designs. Our biggest inspiration are people who want their clothes to express what they love and value in their lives. Our team searches for inspiration in different areas every day to create new design collections. It is all to ensure that everyone can find something they really love.

3. What we do
Our brand’s clothing is sewn and manufactured at the company’s main site in Bielsko-Biała. We take high-quality materials and apply pre-prepared patterns with the use of the sublimation method. Our shop offers a range of various unisex products: jumpers, t-shirts, tank tops, trousers and even socks. In addition, we also manufacture swimming suits, underwear and shoes. For the ladies, we have prepared a special Women Fit collection, which is more suited to female needs. For comic book and cartoon lovers, we recommend our licensed collections: Marvel and Adventure Time; while for our youngest customers, we have a special Kids collection.

We’d like to invite you to visit our online store with thousands of colorful designs at:

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